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Friday, May 29, 2009


Woo Hooo! Another week is coming to an end. Does anyone have anything fun planned for the weekend? I'll drag the family out for another bike ride, and if it ever stops raining I'm sure we'll play in the pool.

I still haven't found anywhere to take line dance lessons. I think my husband's secretly relieved. He just loves the idea of me running off to dance with a bunch of boot scootin' cowboys every week. He's not buying the whole "research" excuse either. LOL

I've started doing David Kirsch's leg and butt routine three days a week. It totally kicks my bootay, but I love it. After the first workout, I had to go buy a new medicine ball because the naughty little wiener dog chewed a hole in the one I had. Now if I don't lock him out of the room, he stands on me trying to get the new ball while I'm working out. Anybody want a wiener dog? :)

So how are you playing this weekend?


Ann Cory said...

Hi Wendi - congrats on doing that new workout - sounds tough, but I'll bet the results will be more than worth it.

I got the rest of my blood tests back today, just got off the phone with the doctor's aide - So on top of being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I'm severly Vitamin D deficient and have profound anemia.

Which would explain why some days it feels like I'm walking through mud. Last night was one of those times. I went for my walk and within 5 minutes I thought I would collapse. I pushed myself to go another 15 minutes, maybe I shouldn't have.

The doctor will be going over everything with me on the 5th - so hopefully soon I'll start to know what it's like to feel good again.

I'm trying real hard to stay positive, but today I think I'm having a low day.

As for the weekend, it's supposed to be very hot, so I don't think we'll be out much other than to Saturday market to buy some fresh fruits and veggies. Maybe go and see a movie.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend :)


Wendi said...

Ann, I'm so glad you're getting some answers from your doctor. But I'm sorry you've got more to deal with than you expected. You've been doing great. Don't push yourself too hard and once the doctor helps you get the anemia and vitamin D deficiency under control, I'm sure you'll have all kinds of new energy.

Have a fabulous weekend. Keep your spirits up, and keep as cool as you can. The heat was brutal this morning on my five mile trek. It's that time of year. :)

Wendi Darlin