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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Release Date Announcement

I just found out BACK AT THE RANCH, Cowboy Games 2, will be released next Wednesday, May 20th. I'm a little excited and a lot nervous about this one. This is my first m/m romance, and even more nerve-shattering it's my most requested sequel. I'm hoping it's the story all the readers of Cowboy Games want it to be.

BACK AT THE RANCH is for everyone who fell in love with Garrett and Clayton. Thank you all for asking me to write this story.


Genella deGrey said...

YAY! How cool, Wendi!
I still need to refuel my paypal account - but when I do, I'm buying both stories!

Wendi said...

Genella, you're so sweet! I bought Remember Me the other day, and I'm looking forward to reading it. :)

I tried commenting on your blog last week, and couldn't. I'll try again.

Wendi Darlin