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Thursday, April 30, 2009

My First Romantic Times book signing

The lovely and talented, Tonya Ramagos just posted this photo of me to her myspace album. I had forgotten she'd taken it, and I came home bummed because I hadn't asked anyone to photograph my very first Romantic Times book signing. Hello!! Milestone here!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Tonya!

Like every Thursday, I'm blogging today over at Nice n' Naughty.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

RT - 09 Photos!

(Konstantinos Lelis, Mr. Romance contestant. Aren't you glad I told him he had a little something on his mouth?)

The Romantic Times convention in Orlando was fabulous! I had the best time meeting readers, booksellers, authors and oh yeah, hot cover models. LOL You know how it works around here. We like eye candy! So here are a few pictures for you to enjoy. Yes, I sacrificed myself for all of you! I know you're shocked.

(Playing Musical Man Chairs with Spartans. This round I landed on Terry Terranova)

(Mr. Romance 2009 and Readers Choice winner, Charles Paz)

(Stefan Pinto, Mr. Romance 2009, 1st Runner Up)

(James Gaskin, Mr. Romance contestant)

(Eric Truglia, Mr. Romance contestant)

(Stefan Pinto at the Harlequin party)

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Thursday, April 16, 2009


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Haylie Monroe is a member of Hell's Belles, a sisterhood of sassy Southern women who have a penchant for devilish men. Blake Sheridan is the hottest devil south of Birmingham. Haylie and Blake's fiery past puts him at the top of her "not even if hell freezes over" list.

But Blake wants her, and what Blake wants he gets.

Fighting off a devil's advances would be enough to keep any girl on her toes, but Haylie has a bigger problem. Her father, recently released from prison, is now free to seek revenge on her for putting him behind bars.

Around every corner evil lurks, and it's not Blake, with his irresistible hedonistic allure. The real danger is a man capable of murder...and worse.

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