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Friday, February 29, 2008

It's a Leap Year!

And I'm feeling froggy!

Countdown to Yummy Sunday - 2 days!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We have a WINNER!

Judith Rochelle, come on down! You've won a copy of Jenny Gardiner's award winning novel, Sleeping With Ward Cleaver!

Thanks again to everyone who dropped by yesterday and a double thanks to all of you who played along. Amber and I had a great time hanging out with all of you. You're welcome to stop by anytime.

I've invited some of my other author friends to come visit, so we'll be having more guests soon.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Introducing Amber Leigh Williams!

I'd like all of you to meet a friend of mine, Amber Leigh Williams. Amber is a member of Romance Writers of America and Secretary of the Gulf Coast Romance Writers. She's a stay-at-home writer, and enjoys spending as much time as possible with her three labs and her husband, Jacob. Her debut novel, Fox & Hound, will be released this Thursday!

She has written thirteen other romance manuscripts, one of which is contracted with The Wild Rose Press. And you wouldn't believe her age if I told you. She's proof youth isn't wasted on us all.

Best of all, Amber's a Southern girl and she's here to spend the day with us!!! In addition to the sexy excerpt she's sharing, we'll be giving away a prize to one lucky winner. All you have to do is post a comment listing two things you love about Amber's home state of Alabama. At the end of the day, we'll draw the name of one lucky person who will receive a copy of Jenny Gardiner's American Title III winning novel, Sleeping with Ward Cleaver.

Yaaayyyy, wooo hoooo, go Amber!!!! The floor is yours, Mrs. Williams.

I'm so happy to be visiting everyone here at Hot Soutnern Lovin'. A very special thank you to Wendi Darlin for this exciting opportunity. I'm thrilled to share this exclusive excerpt from my debut novel, Fox & Hound. I hope y'all enjoy Todd (a southern boy) and Celestia as much as I do!

Now, let's get started...

Fox & Hound
In the world's most romantic city, fates collide in the most unexpected way and two of the world's most elusive jewel thieves are forever changed by a Louvre heist gone wrong.

After three years in prison, Todd goes after the woman who ruined his life, seeking revenge and the diamond she stole from him. He learns that Celestia doesn't have the diamond either. She was used by her partner, master thief Tito Bandero.

Todd and Celestia form an unlikely partnership to take back what is theirs and redeem themselves. Bandero is planning to steal three of the world's most coveted diamonds, but the ones he wronged—Fox and Hound—plot to take them first.

What Todd and Celestia don't count on? The power of attraction. When the quest grows dangerous, which will they choose: payback or each other?

Exclusive Excerpt:

“What’s that?” she asked, eyes warily on him as he moved toward the Jacuzzi.

“This is what I used to play in my car to make the girls put out in the backseat,” he explained.

“Hm.” She bristled when he shrugged off his jacket. “How many girls were willing to put out for you, Todd?”

He shrugged thoughtfully. “A dozen or so by graduation.”

She gave a short laugh. Her eyes widened when he pulled off his shirt. “What are you doing?”

He unsnapped his jeans. “I didn’t bring a bathing suit. I guess I’ll have to take a dip in my skippies.”

“Skippies?” she asked, trying to ignore the lump in her throat as he stepped into the water. “I didn’t invite you in.”

He slipped in to the waist and sighed as the hot water soaked into his chilled bones. “I’m crashing this party boat.”

“Are you trying to make me put out?” she asked as he moved across the Jacuzzi to her.

“You bet,” he said before his lips grazed hers.

She turned her head away, alarm bells triggering in her head. “I’m not in the mood for this.”

“Of course you are.” His teeth playfully nipped the point of her cheek. “Why else would you be waiting for me?”

“I wasn’t waiting for you,” she protested. “I lost track of time.” His hands slid over her hips. “Todd.”

He put a wet finger to her lips. “Don’t talk. Just feel the music, all right?”

She glared at him as he kissed the tip of her nose. “This is what you call music?”

“Just listen,” he coaxed, moving his lips to her ear before he trailed them down her neck.

She sighed, trying to think of something smart to say. But the sweet guitar notes drifted through her mind, chasing away thoughts and moving her heart. It was good music. It suited Todd’s obvious seductive mood. She tried to ignore the trills of sensations under his lips as his teeth grazed over her shoulder, but they suited the music, too.

When he looked at her again, she said, “I’m not some easily-seduced high school bimbo.”

He considered that. “The high school bimbo doesn’t fit you, I guess. But the easily-seduced part…”

She shoved at him playfully. He chuckled and caught her around her waist, bringing her against him and covering her lips with his.

Her determination not to be weak was swallowed with the heat of his mouth in mere, reckless seconds. She forgot everything she’d resolved the night before. His lips moved over hers and she responded, kissing him back with all the vehemence he demanded, with all the heat he took from her.

She surprised him every time. Whether she responded with surrender or fire, she always astonished him. He’d never liked surprises. Now he reconsidered his view, settling back onto the sunken bench behind him to let her take him over.

She was stunning. The flames that radiated between them grew, refusing to cool, heightening further and further. He ran his hands over her slick skin, into her wet tresses, eagerly receiving what she gave him without check. His heart did somersaults. She turned the tide so the heat pounded him again and again.

She was losing it. She was losing all her restraint. She was crossing the line she’d refused to let him cross. She was building the impossible bridge between them over the rubble. She couldn’t help it. His taste—she needed it. She needed the caress of his hands over her skin as well as the stroke of the fire kindling under his fingertips. She needed him with a biting desperation. She needed all there was of him. A rough groan scratched his throat when she pressed to him. Her arousal grew when she felt his.

The music was going into its final wave. He vaguely heard it over the rush in his ears. He opened his eyes. Her eyes were closed. The line of concentration dimpled between them but not from tension. It was from the passion she was showing him with the ever-building kiss. He fisted his hands in her hair and held on for dear life itself.

Title: Fox & Hound
Author: Amber Leigh Williams
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
ISBN: 1-60435-039-3 (978-1-60435-039-5)
Genre: Mainstream Romantic Adventure
Length: Novel (81,511 words)
Price: $5.99


Special Guest Scheduled!

This week we'll have our first guest blogger all the way from the great state of Alabama. So you'll just have to read her post with a slow southern drawl. The talented Amber Leigh Williams will be joining us tomorrow, and she's bringing a treat. Amber will be sharing an exclusive excerpt of her new book Fox & Hound which will be released Thursday by Red Rose Publishing. Please drop by and help me welcome Amber. She's a real sweetheart and I'm sure you'll all adore her!

To make it even more fun, if you tell us two things you love about Amber's home state, we'll enter your name into a drawing. Drop by tomorrow to meet Amber and to find out what we'll be giving away to the lucky winner!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Double Post - I found Gavin!

For any of you who have wondered what face I envision topping off the beautiful body on the cover of Cowboy Games, here he is! Man, do I wish I could Photoshop!!!


Where did this past week go??? I've got a special guest stopping by this week. Check back tomorrow for more information.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yummy Sunday!

This one's for Pet.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Couplet Winners!

And we have our winners!!! Thanks to everyone for all the poems. I didn't realize when I came up with the idea how much fun it would be. I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did. Although, I did have a slight advantage. Several rhymes were sent to my personal email address which were ... umm ...interesting. Boy, do I wish I could share some of those!

Chosen from the ones brave enough to post publicly, the winners are:
Cassie Exline
Marie Roy
Kimberly L
Amber Leigh Williams

Winners, please email me at wendi@wendidarlin.com to give me the address you'd like your prize mailed to.

I hope everyone had a Valentine's Day filled with love.
Countdown to Yummy Sunday - 2 days!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Couplet Contest!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I thought I'd bring the lurkers out today with a little contest to celebrate the love in us all. Yes, there are prizes! Five prizes! All you have to do to enter is post a couplet in the comments section.

Two little rhyming lines! I'm not even going to be a stickler about meter. Let's just share the love. At the end of the day, I'll draw five names and tomorrow's post will list the winners.

To help break the ice, the first one to post will have his/her name entered in the drawing twice.

What are the prizes? Sweet chocolate kisses, of course!

So let's hear 'em. Are there any poets out there?
Countdown to Yummy Sunday - 3 days!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rite of Passage for Sparky!

I know I don't usually blog about family stuff, but if you've checked out the photo section on my website, you've seen Sparky the little wiener dog before. Sparky's the newest Darlin, and as proud family members, we think everything thing he does is adorable. (Aside from accidents in the house, but those are becoming fewer and farther between.)

Here's the latest with the little Sparky-dude: he's become a man. Or, Little Sparkman as my son likes to call him. Yep, you guessed it! Sparky has started lifting his leg and marking every tree, mailbox, shrub, and vertical object he can find. We're so proud!
Countdown to Yummy Sunday - 5 days!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I've been tagged!

Even though I've yet to post a picture of a hottie with chest hair, Pet Aubol has said the nicest things about me. And this tag was the doing of Pet and Karen Van. Here's how it works:

The rules of this meme are simple.

1. Link back to the person who tagged you.

2. Post the rules on your blog.

3. Share six unimportant things about yourself.

4. Tag six random people at the end of your blog entry.

5. Let the tagged people know by leaving a comment on their blogs.

Six unimportant things about me:

1. The only cocktail I ever order is Sex on the Beach.

2. Saturday night I bought a really cheap watch because it was sparkly.

3. I can eat my weight in sour cream and onion potato chips.

4. The smell of coconut oil makes me homesick.

5. If I don't clean out my closet soon, something is going to fall on my head and give me a concussion.

6. Moe's Southwest Grill changed the name of the taco I always get. It's not as much fun to order a "Hard Unanimous Decision" as it was to order a "Hard Ugly Naked Guy."

I'm tagging:

Rita Thedford
Jami Davenport
Sarah Makela
Neville Goedhals
Karen Lingefelt

And back at ya, Pet and Karen!

Sunday, February 3, 2008