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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rite of Passage for Sparky!

I know I don't usually blog about family stuff, but if you've checked out the photo section on my website, you've seen Sparky the little wiener dog before. Sparky's the newest Darlin, and as proud family members, we think everything thing he does is adorable. (Aside from accidents in the house, but those are becoming fewer and farther between.)

Here's the latest with the little Sparky-dude: he's become a man. Or, Little Sparkman as my son likes to call him. Yep, you guessed it! Sparky has started lifting his leg and marking every tree, mailbox, shrub, and vertical object he can find. We're so proud!
Countdown to Yummy Sunday - 5 days!


Amber Leigh Williams said...

AWWW! He's adorable! I have two little boys too who have to spray every bush, fence post, and aunt bed they pass. Our little girl felt left out so she's started doing it too. LOL

Wendi said...

Too funny, Amber! My friend has a female Bichon that lifts her leg to pee! The poor little girl is so confused.