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Friday, May 15, 2009


So Friday is fun day! We've earned it, right? Exercise doesn't always have to be tedious. And the more we exercise, the higher our energy level becomes. So as we get in the groove with these great habits we're developing we'll probably catch ourselves doing things we haven't done in a while or just haven't been in the habit of doing.

Does anybody have any fun movement planned for today or this weekend? I think I'll take the wiener dog to the park. He loves to run. I don't necessarily like chasing him, but then I don't really have a choice do I? :) I'm also planning to play in the pool with my son. Who knows that might inspire me to swim laps. I haven't done that in a while.

Ok, now 'fess up. Who's going to be dancing in front of their computer? Or doing the tango while folding laundry? Or signing up for line dance lessons? Oh wait, line dance lessons...that's me! As soon as I can find a place that offers them that is.

Come on, inspire us! It'll put a smile on your face and ours. :)


Ann Cory said...

Happy Friday Wendi :) I have a doctor's appointment today - so hopefully this is another step on helping me to feel better.

I'm still walking though didn't eat as well yesterday. I think that once I ate something I shouldn't I just continued on that same path figuring I'd already blown it so why bother. That is a way of thought that I seriously need to get out of my head.

This weekend I hope the fam and I can go play mini-golf, walk around Saturday market, and maybe take a stroll around the park - it's supposed to be in the 70s.

Eventually I'd love to take some dance classes again - maybe in the fall. I used to dance and I miss it.

Sounds like you'll be having a fantastic weekend - I hope you have a great time! *hugs*

~Ann :)

Wendi said...

Ann, those sound like wonderful ideas! I love markets. I hope all goes well at the doctor's, and don't beat yourself up about yesterday. Some days are just like that. Today's a new day. :)

Wendi Darlin

Tonya said...

I would love to take line dance classes. That was so much fun doing the few I know at the RT parties. I always wanted to take some kind of dance lessons. Kind of like the "Shall We Dance" thing. Anyone seen that movie? Richard Gear is so yummy. LOL

Well, the youngest stayed home from school today rather than going on the school field trip and talked me into CiCi's pizza for lunch. Needless to say my carb munching this week didn't stop yet. But tomorrow is another day.

On the bright side, the kids have been dragging me out in the yard every afternoon to play frizbie (heads up, writer who can't spell LOL). Considering none of us throw very well and the wind has been wild it makes for great exercise. Oh, and I did my Friday workout this morning. Maybe between all of that I won't pay for CiCi's too bad.

Wendi said...

LOL, Tonya! Great job on the exercise! Playing outside with kids is always fun and great bonding time to boot. :)

Maybe there's something in the air this week. Yesterday I ate my typical light breakfast and lunch and was hungry all day. Today I ate something heavier, but low on calories, and it's been much easier not to snack with both fists at the same time. :) I'm a big snacker. That's why I make a real effort to eat light meals and keep an eye on my overall daily calorie intake.

I stuck to my routine of walking every day this week, except for Tuesday when I had an early doctor's appointment. I did a hard half hour on the elliptical that day instead.

This weekend I really want to change up the routine a little and PLAY while I perspire. :)

Wendi Darlin

Cindy said...

I am so glad to hear everyone is doing so well,as for me,I am so frustrated,I got really bad sick with the flu,it wasn't the swine flu,but bad just the same,it lasted for over two weeks,the doc said,she thought it got bad because my immune system was so down after my surgery,anyway, now I feel as if I am starting over,back to just two minutes at a time,I sure hope my energy level will start building up fast,or I'm gonna scream. LOL
A Good thing is, I have lost about 12Lbs.
Hang in there everyone & keep up the good work & encouraging words. Sorry to be so long winded.