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Friday, May 22, 2009


It's Friday! Maybe we can all check in today and just catch up a little. I know it's been a hectic week for me, and I'm sure it has been for some of you too.

My fun exercise for the weekend is walking. I know, I know, that's what I always do, but I haven't been able to walk at all this week because of the non-stop rain we've been getting. I've been stuck doing the elliptical every day.

So what about you? How has your week been? Any accomplishments or setbacks you want to share? Any big plans for this holiday weekend?

Ann, can you please email me at wendi@wendidarlin.com? I don't have your email address.

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Raina James Romance said...

Hey everyone!

My PT had me start keeping track of calories this week. I can have roughly 1500 on a non-workout day and about 1800 on a workout day. Some things are easy to find the calories of, while others are a pain. I can see that will grow old fast ... :lol However, I know it`s a good idea just to see what I'm eating and where to get the most bang for my caloric buck.

It was mighty hard passing up the Chinese food -- my favorite! -- order at work the other night, let me tell you.

I haven't weighed myself yet -- I don't want to disappoint myself by not seeing as much of a drop on the scale as I'd like -- but I have noticed that clothes are beginning to fit me more loosely. I know, I know. This is only the end of the third week of determined exercise. Still, it *seems* like I'm noticing a difference.

Anyway, my PT isn't a drill sergeant, but he's pushing me in his ever-so-nice way to step up my reps every time I see him. Knowing that I'm used to zero exercise, he's also always monitoring to make sure I'm not doing too much. "How are you feeling?" he always asks. Wednesday, after 35 minutes on the treadmill, I said, "Pretty good, but I'm sure you'll take care of that."

Much laughter was had by all.

And now, I'm up early baking for my son's school bake sale. And I can't sample a thing, because I know one chocolate muffin will liklely be the equivalent of an entire meal, and I'd rather get more carbs that will last longer. Oh, the torture!


Wendi said...

Wow, Raina! You are amazing. Truly amazing! There's a website that lets you check calories in all kinds of stuff. I'll see if I can find it for you.

Counting calories is no fun, but it is the one tried and true method that really works. I'm always aware of my caloric intake. I don't count every single one, but I keep myself in a "safe" range.

You can do this! Or maybe I should say YOU ARE DOING THIS! :)

Wendi Darlin

Ann Cory said...

Keep up the great work Raina and Wendi!

I had my blood tests yesterday - 8 vials of my blood gone *sigh*. Since it's a 3-day weekend I probably won't hear back until Tuesday.

Since the doc already feels i have an intolerance to gluten (he wants to see if it has become Celiac), I'm making the change over and changing my eating habits. As he said, I need to make everything that goes into my mouth count. So dinner last night was very healthy and gluten free. A lot of fruits and veggies.

I'm still walking nightly, though last night I was very low on energy. I hope to get out and walk with the family in the next few days, and possibly that mini golf we didn't do last weekend :)


Jami Davenport said...

I've gained a pound. :(

But I'm off this next week, and doing a lot of work around the house. When I'm busy, I don't eat, so I'm looking forward to a good week coming up.

Tonya said...

Raina, you're doing wonderful! Counting calories is not easy. I tried it once or twice and failed miserably. I look at calories and try to make sure that my snacks stay under 100 and if it's a choice between something obviously higher or lower I try to go for the lower but that's about as far as I get.

I've been in an icky mood the last 2 days and an icky mood for me equals a I don't care, have another calorie attitude. Maybe it's PMS. LOL That's always a lovely excuse to fall back on.

Wendi said...

Ann, best of luck with the tests and great job on the walking! I hope you get to enjoy some mini-golf this weekend.

Jami, a pound is nothing to worry about. :) But you know that. I hope you have a great week.

Tonya, PMS is the best excuse in the world. For everything! LOL You're doing great.

I got to walk this morning without getting rained on! YAY! But when I came back in, my husband, with a big grin, told me I looked like Stripperella. Hmmm...might need to think twice before I wear that workout attire again. LOL

Wendi Darlin

Raina James Romance said...

Ann, of course you were tired after having some blood drawn! That takes your body a lot of effort to replace. And mini-golf - what fun! :) I should take the kids, by I have this fear they'll beat each other to death with the clubs under the windmills. Best friends with each other, they ain't. :lol

Jami, pfft! One pound is nothing. My PT was just saying today your body fluctuates as much as 3 lbs a day, depending on what time you way yourself, whether you're retaining water, what you've eaten and how long it takes to get out of your system ... Lots of things. No worries.

Tonya, you are such a sweetie, I simply can't imagine you PMSing! Some days, you just need a little more TLC (or fatty and chocolately treats, same diff).

Glad to hear you're not so waterlogged, Wendi. You're a sweetie, too, with all your kinds words. Thanks for the boost!

I just bought a "Silver Bullet" to make smoothies. Made a strawberry one. Meh, it was OK, considering it was frozen strawberries, water and PLAIN FAT-FREE yogurt. Not exactly a sweet treat. I'll get used to it. My PT wants me to cut out the Diet Coke. :( He's allowing me one a day. I know he's right, but ...

Anyway, gotta dash. Chat with you all later. :)

Raina James Romance said...

Doh! I meant "weigh" yourself. Wonderful -- I'm going to start my night dopey. Hope I don't edit us into a lawsuit or anything. :lol