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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Group Motivation Starts Now!

Welcome to Lovin' Our Bodies! Most of you already know this group was inspired by some of my author friends who have recently decided to increase their fitness level and/or lose weight. Lovin' Our Bodies is a motivational group to offer encouragement and support as we all work individually to keep ourselves healthy. Anyone with similar goals is welcome to participate.

To keep us organized, I'll post an update here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can feel free to check-in any time on any day. Share what's working for you. What isn't. Anything at all about your journey. This is your group. We're in this together - GROUP is the keyword.

Here's our new post schedule:

Monday - Lovin' Our Bodies Motivations. I will share some motivations I've found, and from time to time I will invite some fitness experts to offer advice and encouragement for all of us. All of you are always invited and encouraged to leave comments for one another.

Wednesday - Lovin' Our Bodies Hump Day. This is the day we help one another keep up the momentum. The better half of the week is behind us and we're on the downward slide for a really successful week.

Friday - Lovin' Our Bodies Fun Friday. This is a day we make an effort to do something fun that will also get our hearts pumping. Dancing, playing, taking the dogs to the park, whatever you want to do for however long you want to do it. This will remind us to enjoy ourselves and our bodies and put a smile on our faces. And it will be great to share our antics with each other, don't you think?

This group is a work in progress. I'm sure we'll find things that don't work and new things that do, and we'll go with the flow. We'll discover our way together. Suggestions are always welcome and encouraged.

I am not a fitness expert and I don't pretend to be. So the focus of this group will be on encouragement and support. Any advice that I post here will be from expert sources. I may share personal experiences with you, but always listen to your own body and of course, follow your doctor's advice.

Are you ready??? Introduce yourself if you want and feel free to say what you're hoping to gain from this or where you need the most encouragement. Anonymity is ok, but I think you'll get more out of the group if you comment, even anonymously.

On Twitter, we're #Lovin'OurBodies and I'm twitter.com/wendidarlin


Raina James said...

Wendi, I'm so glad you're doing this.

Hello, everyone, I'm Raina James. I never had a problem with my weight until I hit my 30s. In fact, I could eat pretty much anything, as much as I wanted, and stay thin enough that the mother of one of my friends feared I was anorexic. Oh, those were the days.

All changed with the birth of my youngest child in 2001. Everything slooooowed right down, and I started packing on the weight. However, a busy life of working outside the home, chasing four kids around and my writing schedule meant I didn't take the time to exercise and fast, unhealthy meals became the norm.

I've decided to take charge of my health again -- and my weight -- in two ways: I've signed up for yoga and gotten a personal trainer. My goal is to lose weight and get healthier, period. I have no specific time frame in mind, but I'd like to lose about 80 pounds.

I know it will be hard, and I know it will take a lot of work and time.

I look forward to sharing my journey to better health here, with you.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your treadmills!

~ Raina

Jami Davenport said...

Hey, I'm in. I need to lose 20 pounds. I'm dedicated to doing it this summer.

Ann Cory said...

I'm Ann Cory - writer and keeper of stubborn weight, lol. Back in November I started on a wellness program for myself - to add movement everyday (I prefer walking), eat better, drink more water, and think more positive. For 3 months I did fantastic. Lost a little weight but more importantly felt better.

Then for some reason I decided to take a couple days off for good behavior and then boom - that turned into much longer.

Last week I started walking again, but I really need some motivation and a pep squad. My main goal is to stick with it. If I can do that I know everything else will fall into place.

I think this is a fantastic idea and am thrilled to be part of this!


Cindy said...

Hey Everybody,I'm Cindy Waldon & I'm very glad to be a part of this Motivational group,I'm 44 years old & 4 months ago I had a double bypass.My goal is to build up energy,strength & stamina, & if I'm lucky,loose some weight. 4 weeks ago I bought an Elliptical Trainer,I thought I would start out with 5 min. & work my way up (yea right),I got on it & it took everything I had to make it 1 full minute, I am up to 5 minutes now,but the process is so slow & frustrating,so I definetly need some help,so with that,let me say,thanks for coming up with this group,I sure need it & all of you for all the encouragement I can get,& I will do my best to encourage all of you in return.

Wendi said...

Raina, Jami, Ann and Cindy, thanks for checking in! I'm glad you're all here.

I have to work out regularly and watch what I eat or the pounds will creep on too so I'm really looking forward to you ladies keeping me motivated. It's easy to get caught up in work and all the distractions in our lives and let exercise slide. For me, I have to get it out of the way first thing in the morning. If I put it off until later, there's a good chance I won't fit it into my day.

If it helps you to check in here or on Twitter every time, please do. Remember to use #lovin'ourbodies in your Twitter post. Maybe some of us will end up working out "together" or at least at the same time.

I've heard from several other ladies who will probably be checking in soon. This is a fantastic group made up of some of my favorite people, and I have a feeling new friendships are about to be made.

Cindy said...

Hey Wendi,I'm not on Twitter is that a problem,do I need to join?

Wendi said...

Cindy, it's not a problem at all. We'll keep everything going here so everyone can check in whenever it's convenient. Twitter just makes it easy for "in the moment" kind of stuff. I don't think you're the only one here who isn't on Twitter. :)

Wendi Darlin

Wendi said...

I have a surprise motivator lined up for you all Monday! I'm excited, but my lips are sealed until then. :) I think you're going to love him...uh...it..I mean... I'm cruel, aren't I?

Wendi Darlin

Ann Cory said...

Yes Wendi - that's very cruel *sigh*. Monday seems like ages away :) LOL.

To go along with my need for change I've blogged at the Romantic Gems blog about what happens if I don't feel sexy - stop by if you get a chance: http://resplendencegems.blogspot.com/

Ann Cory said...

Oh and thank you again Wendi for starting this up. I appreciate everyone on here and hope I can help motivate you right back!

~Ann Cory :)

Regina Carlysle said...

Hey Everyone, I'm Regina Carlysle (but you can call me Rita). I've always been up and down weight wise but I put on baby weight and can't take it off. That was...um...23 yrs. ago. LOL.

My biggest problem is being so sedentary. I'm at my computer all the time and I have trouble forcing myself to MOVE.

Wendi said...

Hey, Rita!!! I completely understand. It's the biggest hazard of being a writer. Let's get you movin'! What do you enjoy doing most for exercise? I'm a walker, but when time is crunched I use my elliptical. Now that I'm in the routine of doing one or the other every day. I HAVE to do it, but getting that routine started was so hard. Have you started doing any exercise regularly yet? If not, is there anything I can do to help? Maybe we can walk "together" on Twitter or something. :)

Wendi Darlin