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Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday, Monday!

I hope everyone's week is off to a great start. I just finished my mandatory 2 cups of tea, checked my email, created a profile on Author's Den, checked into the laws regarding sales tax collection at the reading festival I'll be signing at...whew! It's a typical Monday, but now I'm ready to write. My latest story is calling to me, and I'm ready to slip away to that tropical island I've got my naughty characters on.

What are you doing today? Have you started to get the cooler fall weather where you are? Or are you like me, just getting teased by a 70 degree breeze every now and then. :)

GREAT NEWS: The Water Bearer by Wendi Christner is now available in print on Amazon and Barnesandnoble.com

Rough & Ready got a review that made me grin. This reviewer summarized the story in her own words, and boy is she a sassy thing! I love it!

ROUGH AND READY - Wendi Darlin
RRTE Rating: Multiple O’s

Present Day

Sitting by his campfire, Hollis McAllister wonders when Taima is going to make her move. He knows it’s her without even turning around because a certain part of his anatomy is harder than a spike. Taima wants nothing more than to cut his lying, thieving heart out. Too bad she’s in love with the stupid fool. When she makes her move, Taima finds herself in his arms, his lips on hers, and her body yearning to be taken by this desperado. Will she get the answers she craves or be left in the dust with her heart on the ground again?

Fresh air, hot sex, and danger are the key elements in Wendi Darlin’s ROUGH AND READY. Mmm…delicious. - Sinclair Reid, RRTE Reviews - 9/7/08

If you want to check out some of their other reviews here's the link.

HINT: Read all my posts this week, so you don't miss out on the secret contest.

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