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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another Great Review!

4.5 Pixies! "...THE WATER BEARER is a touching romantic novel with characters as rich as the soil they farm. Although in a contemporary setting, they echo the small-town overtones of the past in an area where life doesn't change much despite a new millennium. Jealousy, small minds, and long-held grief are just as volatile as love, compassion, and empathy in this little farming community. Rich in emotional impact, THE WATER BEARER is a story to curl up with in a cozy armchair, relaxing into the plot and resonating with the characters. The intriguing addition of paranormal elements gives a deeper background to the story line and an opportunity for further unfolding of the characters. The underscoring theme of love and redemption makes THE WATER BEARER a story well worth reading." - Frost, Dark Angels Reviews

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