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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Contests and such

The last week has been busy. I'm trying to finish up some loose writing projects and start a couple of new ones. I submitted a couple of things to publishers, so I'll let you know how that pans out.

I found out Cowboy Games won first place in the Duel on the Delta contest, and another of my manuscripts came in fourth in the Hook, Line & Sinker contest.

I'm gearing up for a weekend workshop retreat with screenwriter, Michael Hauge and a group of very talented romance authors. One of the recommended reads for the workshop is the fabulous book, Ain't She Sweet by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Those Southern settings slap me back home so fast my heart spins. Are there certain elements in books that do that for you? Maybe it's the setting. Maybe it's something else?
Countdown to Yummy Sunday-5 days!


Jami said...

For me it's the characters. There has to be something that makes me fall in love with them or want to root for them. If that's not there, the author has lost me before I even read the first chapter.

Hot Southern Stud said...

Wendi has a dark secret. Yep, she has a secret book called "By the Light of the Green Frog Moon." It must be real hot, because she refuses to publish it.

Wendi said...

Alright, "Hot Southern Stud"...now the gloves are off. You're buying your own mocha Saturday!

And by the way, if you remember, I came up with a much catchier title for that one. Huhhh....now you're thinking hard, aren't you?