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Monday, June 8, 2009


It's another Monday, ladies, and you're stuck with me again! I think I've got another guest motivator lined up for next week. I'll keep you posted. Today's the day my routine gets shifted and becomes a little more challenging. School's out for summer!

Here are a couple of quotes I found for today. I like these because they are super short but pack a big punch, both in our quest for a physically healthy lifestyle and for our emotional well-being.

"All serious daring starts from within." - Eudora Welty

"Action is the antidote to despair." - Joan Baez

Let us know how you're doing. And remember, if you haven't been doing as well as you like, that's ok. If this was easy, we wouldn't need this group.


Tonya said...

Good Monday, ladies. Hope everyone had a great weekend. When I left for the Lori Foster Get-together on Friday I said I was leaving the calories at home. After all, these conferences aren't great for the diet. It was either starve or splurge. Considering there was absolutely NOTHING to do around the hotel but eat the second option won. Needless to say, when I got home yesterday I found those calories I left behind. LOL But that's okay. Today is back to routine. Exercises are done, breakfast and lunch are lighter and motivation has returned.

If there's one thing I've learned about exercise and dieting it is that it's a never ending cycle. You fall off and you get back on again. Kind of like me riding a bike...I never could stay on long without falling off. LOL

Ann Cory said...

Happy Monday everyone :)I'm back on moderate physical activity per doctor. I had my appointment on Friday. He said because I'm dangerously anemic, he needs to see improvement soon or he says I'll need a blood transfusion.

Okay - that scared me and made me terribly upset, and put a damper on my weekend. However, he did prescribe about 5 different supplements and hopefully those will help to make a difference, along with going on week three of my gluten free eating. I have to go back in two weeks for more blood tests (joy) and if my stats aren't improved he will suggest the blood transfusion.

I'm bound and determined to not let that happen.

Hubby saw I was down and did a wonderful thing. When I sat down for dinner Friday night I saw next to my plate a gift certificate to a clothing store I like to shop at. It really brightened my spirits :)

Yay Tonya for getting back into the groove :) I fell off my bike a lot too, lol.

Wendi - I hope the transistion of your routine goes smoothly. My son's last day of school is Wednesday *bites nails* lol.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Wendi said...

Tonya, I heard the conference was a blast and that your son is a perfect Southern gentleman. :) Good for you for jumping back in the routine as soon as you got home and I couldn't agree more, it's a never ending cycle.

Ann, I was hoping the doctor would have better news. I truly hope he can get your anemia under control without having to do a transfusion. I'm shocked that you've been working out as much as you have with such severe anemia. Take care of yourself. We're here cheering you on. You know that. But we don't want you doing anything that puts you at risk. Keep us updated.

Sounds like your husband is a keeper. ;) Retail therapy is some of the best medicine around.

BTW, my word verification for this post is "mated" - yes, sigh, yes, I am. LOL I'm kidding. Mine's a keeper too. :)

Wendi Darlin

Ann Cory said...

Thanks Wendi :)

As to the walking - my doctor is suprised too. He said most people in my condition wouldn't bother to get out of bed. He could tell I was physically strong. I think it's because in the past I worked out a lot with weights and had great muscle tone. But the downside to how I am is that I often ignore pain and discomfort.

I thought at the time I was walking that maybe I had a thyroid issue, or it was just the weight. I didn't know anything about Celiac disease or that it robs the body of nutrients. So I pushed myself to walk thinking I was doing the right thing, without realizing I was running on empty the whole time. I didn't realize what was going on with my body.

As the doctor said - I need to learn to listen to my body. I got a lot of him shaking his finger at me, lol.

I promised to take much better care of myself. Thank you for all the support. It certainly has opened my eyes to what ignoring your health can lead to. Sheesh! :)

Wendi said...

Ok, summer is officially screwing with my schedule. :)

I missed two workout days, but got back on the wagon today. Which means I can still turn this week around - magic Wednesday!

I hope everyone else is having a productive week. I apologize for missing my Wednesday post. I'm trying to spend the bulk of my days being a good mommy, and squeezing in the writing and online stuff as best I can.

Ann, keep us updated. It sounds like you have a good doctor. We're all hoping and praying he can help you get these issues under control quickly.

Wendi Darlin

Wendi said...

I decided to comment here for Fun Friday instead of doing a new blog post.

I'm back into my workout routine after a rocky start at the beginning of the week, and I've got a busy weekend. Saturday I won't be getting a workout in unless I get up at 5 a.m. That ain't happenin'. LOL

So I'm going to try and make the most of today and Sunday. Tonight and Sunday morning I've made plans to walk with a friend, and the rest of Sunday will be a day spent with family. I intend to incorportate activity into that family time.

So what about you? Any plans for this weekend?

I'm still working on our guest motivator for Monday. He wants to participate, but he's tough to nail down sometimes. :)