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Friday, January 9, 2009

Walking my butt off

Just back from a walk-a-thon at my son's school this morning. I walked with him for three and a half miles plus a mile and a half to and from the school, so I've got my exercise in for the day. It's nice and brisk down here in the sunshine state this morning. I'm feeling invigorated and ready to go. Question is, do I go shopping or out on the lanai with my alpha smart to get some work done?

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to hearing one of my favorite authors speak. Betina Krahn. What a brilliant, talented and sweetheart of a lady! If you ever have a chance to hear her talk or pick up one of her books, don't miss it.

Cowboy Diet update: The Cowboy Diet is officially over, but the scales said I was a pound lighter this morning. So the residual weight loss is good. Hopefully, those pounds will keep falling off and I'll be back in my favorite jeans.


Regina Carlysle said...

YAY!!! Another pound and I'll bet after the walk a thon, you'll lose another tomorrow.

I looooove Bettina Krahn. Heard her speak at an RWA luncheon years ago and I'll never forget how down to earth, funny, and charming she was.

Wendi said...

Thanks, Regina, I hope so! And yes, I agree. I can't say enough nice things about Betina Krahn. And her writing style blows me away.

Wendi Darlin