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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Off the Cowboy

Diet, that is. :)

Yay! It's over! All in all, the past three days were a breeze. Yesterday afternoon, I did have a little yen for a snack, but a cup of tea cured it. And this morning the scale said I was another half pound lighter. So that's two and a half pounds in three days. Not bad.

So where do we go from here? I'm hoping this is the jumpstart I needed to make better choices, give up a little of my sugar and butter and eat more fruits and veggies instead. I liked the moonlight stroll at night, so maybe I'll try to keep that up. Some of my favorite jeans are not fitting on my bootay right now and I really want to wear them, so I'm going to try and keep the momentum going.

We're all different. What about you? Do you have any tried and true tricks that work for you? Did you set a specific goal for yourself this year? Or do you have a carrot hanging in the closet (like my skinny jeans) that you're determined to grab?

Best of luck reaching all your goals this year, weight loss and otherwise! And if you ever need a little encouragement, drop a little note here and we'll cheer you on.


Regina Carlysle said...

Not too bad at all and like you say, a jump start. I'm not even going to say the word DIET because sometimes just saying it sabatoges everything. I'm going to try to eat healthier. More fresh fruits and veggies and no more buying the processed junk that adds so much fat. I'd like to go down a couple of sizes this year!

Wendi said...

Sounds like a great plan, Regina. And I know what you mean. I don't like to use the word "diet" either. But I really think this cowboy thing might not have been such a bad idea. I really didn't expect much from it except maybe some blog fodder, but today I haven't been snacking at all. I had a small healthy breakfast and then ordered a salad while I was out for lunch with a friend. We'll see how the rest of the day goes, but I'm within two hours of dinner and not hungry at all. :)

Wendi Darlin

Mila Ramos said...

Hey hon,

Congrats to you, great too see you doing great. I do understand about the lifestyle change (no D words here nope), my groovy butt has hypothyroid so if I even look at sugar some days, but butt and hips explode. One good thing that has helped and hey this might work for you. I drink Oolong Tea and Jasmine tea. They are normal teas and I dont use sugar in them at all!! Helps with the caffeine that's for sure but I noticed that I dont crave sugar as much. has helped in keeping me away from all the bad stuff!

So proud!

Wendi said...

Good for you Mila! I've tried oolong tea. I have a major tea addiction. Unfortunately, I haven't developed a taste for oolong. Have you found that one kind tastes better than another? I'd definitely be up for trying it again.

Wendi Darlin