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Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Undercover D.E.A. agent, Hollis McAllister, has learned to guard his secrets well. People close to him are always in danger, and he’s never in one place for long. Those are two good reasons not to fall in love. Too bad he slipped up and fell for Taima Everhart when he infiltrated the biggest drug operation in the Southwest.

Drug lord, Marques Santiago sniffs out Hollis. With his cover compromised and local police on the wrong side of the law, Hollis leaves before he has a chance to give Taima an explanation.

She hunts him down, but she’s not the only one who wants him dead.

Cornered, Taima and Hollis must fight for their lives. She can play rough, but when it comes to Hollis McAllister is she ready to play for keeps?

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cindy said...

Whew,Wendi, I gotta tell you Rough & Ready was one hot book.
I loved it.

Wendi said...

Thanks, Cindy! I'm soooo glad you enjoyed it. :)

Wendi Darlin