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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cracking the whip!

Ok, I need you all to crack the whip on me! I've got a little less than 8000 words until I'm finished with my lastest WIP and it's the hardest book I've ever written. I want it done, YESTERDAY (and my publisher wants it done 3 months ago.) Sigh. So, I'm going to check in here with word counts starting this afternoon, and maybe that'll help me get this thing finished!

I also have a short cowboy romance that I want to get going on. Last night I read through the cowboy names you all liked when Rita Thedford was guest blogging here. I decided to go with Chance for this hero. I liked some of the other names a lot too, but Chance really seemed to fit the best with the heroine's name in this story.

Oh, and I'm so excited I have to share another great review:

4 STARS...Hired Hands is hot hot hot. This book will make you want to go and get a cowboy of your very own. At least it did for me. - Robyn, Manic Readers

To read the full review, click here!

Countdown to Yummy Sunday - 5 days!


Regina Carlysle said...

Holy Moley...sweet review!!! Of course, I'm NOT surprised!!!

Okaaaaay...whizzzzzzzzzzzz, zipppppp, crack!!!! That's my frickin WHIP. Finish the damn MYSTERY already. Do you hear how excited you sound about the new project? Already picking names! But you can't write it with this BIG FAT WALL in the way. Do the mystery, honey. It'll be painless. I promise.

Rita (Regina)

Wendi said...

Regina, thanks, for cracking that whip! :) I so need it right now.

And thank you for such a nice compliment. :)

Wendi Darlin