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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Yummy Cowboy Sunday!

Around here this week, it's all cowboys all the time! Cowboy Games will be released in 8 days, and the party's just getting started! Starting tomorrow there will be prize winners every day, guest authors, lotsa eye candy and more. Come celebrate with me!


Caffey said...

I am so here! and not leaving! I remember that trailer and I was so excited about the book. I can't believe it will soon be here.

I always loved reading cowboys, be they in historical or contemp romance or even paranormals! Anywhere! I've always lived in the city except for a few years when I lived with my aunt in the country and I loved it! I loved being around so much land, loved the smell of hay, and too the date I had on a hayride (BG)and to see a cowboy was a treasure. So when I first started reading them, it was a Maggie Osborne historical romance, I was in love! Then there's been many since of different authors, but too, I've had a hard time finding any of lately. I love this idea of the Fantasy Ranch and hope there will be more books set there! I'm finished babbling for now, smile. Cathie

Paige Tyler said...

Hey Wendi!

I emailed you my guest blog, but it bounced back! Can you send me an alternate email address?

Yummy pic, btw!


Wendi said...

Yay, Caffey!!! I'm glad you're here! I'm with you, cowboys are sooooo hot. I can't wait to write more. I think you're going to really like the guest authors this week. And wait'll you see the prizes! :)

Paige, I just sent you an email. AOL is really wonky this week. I hope they get their glitch worked out soon. All reply emails to me are bouncing. They're blaming it on my signature line. grrrrr...

Wendi Darlin

Regina Carlysle said...

MMMM. Yummy Sunday indeedy.

Can't wait for this to come out, hon. Ready to party????

Jami Davenport said...

Hey, Wendi,

How come none of the cowboys I know look like that? I'll take the fantasy over the real thing anyday.

Can't wait for the party to begin!!!

Deb said...

Not moving anywhere till I get my fill of cowboys, which will be NEVER!

Lovein' the eye candy Wendi!