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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Please Welcome Rita Thedford/Regina Carlysle!!!!!

Okay. I drop by Wendi’s blog quite a bit…just can’t resist her cowboy eye-candy. This time I’m here for other reasons (oops...pardon me while I wipe the drool from my keyboard). Wendi and I have lots in common. Must be why we’re the BEST OF FRIENDS. We both have a THANG for smokin’ hot cowboys so we’re taking some time to honor/drool over/lust over those smooth-talking, slow-walking men in the best way we know how. Like Wendi, I write cowboy stories too.

Hot Night at the Blue Bug Saloon and One Dependable Man (both available at The Wild Rose Press, feature those steamy, southern men we live to adore. Matt and Nash, my hot cowboy heroes, are hunky dreams in denim…much like Wendi’s Gavin from her upcoming release Cowboy Games (coming MONDAY from Siren Publishing). Can’t wait to get my hands on THAT one.

Wendi was also nice enough to help me celebrate the yesterday's release of Tempting Tess from Ellora’s Cave. This one is written under my pen name, Regina Carlysle.

I want to share an excerpt from One Dependable Man which will be available in paperback in July. And after that I'll give you a little sneaky peek of Tempting Tess, if Wendi will let me.

One Dependable Man
Rita Thedford

Shaking himself out of his rage, Matt turned to gaze at the assortment of diners who applauded him. He smiled back in response and executed a short nod as Sunny disappeared through the kitchen doors. Once the furor began to die down, he followed her.

Matt McBride, unlike the rest of the McBride clan, had never possessed a raw, unbridled temper. He was easy-going to a fault. It took a hell of a lot to anger him to violence but he hated creeps who messed with women. The harassment of this particular woman sent him over the edge.

Happy had once saved his life. Could he do anything less than help his sister? Yeah, keep telling yourself that, dumb ass.

Over the past few weeks everything had begun to change. It wasn't just about paying a debt to a dead friend anymore. It was about the dead friend's sister. Hell, maybe it had always been about her and he just hadn't realized it until now. He wanted her so bad he ached.

Damn! What a mess.

Pushing through the swinging doors, Matt stopped just inside the kitchen and watched Sunny slowly flip four hamburgers on the grill. Knitting his brows at the stiffness of her posture, he glanced at Buck who grinned slightly, shook his head, and shrugged.

Turning away from the heat of the cooktop, Buck spoke in a gravely voice to no one in particular. "Guess I'll get on out there and see if there's anything to be done." On his way out, he glanced up at Matt with what could've been a spark of pity. He clucked his tongue a couple of times and stepped out.

Matt cleared his throat, whether from nervousness or the need to wrap Sunny up in his arms, he wasn't sure. She was stiff and unyielding and he wondered briefly if it was because she'd been scared.

He should've known better.

"Did he hurt you, sweetheart? Are you-?" Further questions went unanswered as Sunny spun around and pointed her spatula at his belly.

He found himself staring into the blazing blue eyes of one hundred and ten pounds of pissed off woman.

"How dare you interfere?" she snapped. Her face was red and she was mad as a hornet. "This was none of your affair, McBride. I was handling everything just fine on my own before you stuck your nose in my business."

She flung his gallantry right back in his face. Matt's temper ignited. "You were, were you?" he sneered as he bore down on her. "Just how much manhandling were you gonna let yourself take before you booted his ass out of here, huh?" He moved in closer and Sunny took a step backward and then another. He scowled at her as
she bumped up against the nearest wall. Her breathing quickened and her breasts grazed the front of his shirt.


Lust whipped him like a lash. "Didn't you realize those men were drooling at the sight of you all bent over the table like that? Your cute ass in those tight jeans is pure enticement and you know it. Did you ever once think maybe it's dangerous for you to work this shift?"

Sunny gasped. "Are you calling me a tease?"

"No. I'm calling you stupid."

She blinked up at him and Matt realized he was gripping her arms.
Instantly, he gentled his hold and saw hurt flare to life in her

Her expression deflated Matt's anger instantly. He cursed his own
ability to act like a horse's behind. What had he expected?
Gratitude? Yeah, that's what he'd wanted. Maybe he'd wanted her to
throw herself into his arms like a weeping damsel and plant sweet
kisses all over his face in gratitude.

He should've known that wasn't Sunny's style. "Ah, hell. I'm sorry, darlin'. You're strong and tough, but even you have your limits and you were out of your league tonight. They rattled you. Look at you. You're shaking like a leaf. You're tired
and stressed out, and the prettiest damn thing I've ever seen."

Sunny gasped and looked up at him with those bluebonnet eyes and he just lost it. With a low growl, he caught her in his arms and dove for her parted lips. Nipping at the lush fullness, he teased with his teeth, his tongue. He drank her sigh and plunged his tongue into the dark, sweetness of her mouth. The subtle scent of her rose up to tease him and he changed the angle of the kiss, breathing her in.

Her breasts, full and lush, teased through the thin barrier of his shirt and unable to stop, he rubbed his chest against her, desperate for a firmer touch. His erection throbbed against the fly of his jeans. He pressed it against the curve of her belly and rotated against her softness. She made a tiny, whimpering sound as he slowly
drew away and stared down at her startled face.

Muttering a curse, he raked his fingers through his hair. He was moving too fast but he couldn't help himself. "You're not stupid. I didn't mean what I said but I'm not sorry I kicked that guy's butt."

Making a tiny choked sound, Sunny drew away but Matt put his hand on her shoulder to stop her. "Yeah, I'm big enough to apologize but I'll be damned if I'm going to say I'm sorry for kissing you."

Sunny looked at him, long and hard, and he returned the gaze without flinching. He wasn't a bit surprised when she turned without a word, opened the back door, and stepped out into the night.


Thank you Rita!!! I love that scene, and I don't think I'll ever forget Matt. He's one of my favorite heroes.

Yesterday was a big day. Rita's (Regina Carlysle's) Tempting Tess went on sale at Ellora's Cave and I'm beyond thrilled for her. I would love to have Rita post an excerpt here, but I think Blogger would smack a content warning on me. Trust me when I say it's a HOTTTT older woman/younger man story!!!

Here's a blurb:
Tempting Tess - Regina Carlysle

When forty-five-year-old widow Tess Garrity decides it’s time to reevaluate her stale life, she rents a charming cabin in the mountains, little expecting her entire life is about to take a drastic turn. She’s very drawn and more than a little sexually turned on by the sinfully handsome man next door.

Daniel Rios is captivated by the stunning older woman. She is sweet, funny and sexy enough to make him yearn to fuck her. He wants her more than his next breath but his first order of business is getting rid of an unwanted houseguest. Then Daniel moves in on Tess, tempting her to take another chance on love—with him. It’s a naughty, edgy, seductive challenge he is fully prepared to take.

Click here to BUY TEMPTING TESS!

Since Thursday's prize was a Double Feature, I decided to have two winners! acdaisy95 and Irwirum, congratulations you both won! Please email me at wendi@wendidarlin.com with your mailing addresses.

Today's prize is Dr. Sadie Allison's book, Ride 'em Cowgirl! - Sex positions for better bucking. I love that title! For your chance to win, leave a comment and tell us one of your favorite cowboy names. If you can't think of one, leave a comment anyway. I'm easy! Your name will also go in the drawing for Monday's Grand Prize! YOU MUST BE 18 TO PLAY!

Thanks for playing and good luck!

Countdown to Yummy Sunday - 2 days!


Ruth C. said...

Can't believe no one has posted yet - so I will leave a quick one before popping out the door to work.

Any name for a cowboy will do. Just give me the COWBOY.!!!!

When ny DIL was pregnant with their first son, my son wanted to name him Tex or Rex - he's a huge Louis L'Amour fan - read all of his books and all of Zane Grey's. My DIL said NO WAY.

So, obviously, someone else in the family likes cowboys, also.

Barb said...

Congrats to all the winners this week. There's been some great prizes and Wendi, you do it up good. Rita's books are awesome and I'll be getting Tempting Tess today. Can't wait for July when One Dependable Man comes out in print. As far as cowboy names, I like Luke. It seems to be a popular name with cowboys. And what Ruth says is so true. Give me the COWBOY too!!!!!!!!!

ddurance said...

Hmmm......what about the name Slade. It just sounds so sexy!


Jean said...

I always been partial to the name Wyatt, though Colton is pretty good too!

Deb said...

A name for a yummy cowboy..
Congrats sweets!

Laura J. said...

Good morning Rita and Wendi!

As for cowboy names I love Luke, Jake, Seth, and Caleb. Don't know why but when I see those names in a book (cowboy or not) I think rugged, outdoor type man. A combination of rough and gentle.

jackiesjunkie said...

Lane has always been a favorite cowboy name for me.


Wendi said...

Wow! You ladies know your cowboys! I'm going to jot all these down and use them in future books! :)


Wendi Darlin

Regina Carlysle said...

Ah, man, I'm with Wendi. Running for my pen here. Coming up with hot sounding names is tough. I try to stay away from "cute" names. Read enough Dusty's and Rusty's to choke a horse...note the western theme here. LOL.

I have Nash Logan, Matt McBride and later will have Jack McBride, Matt's brother.

Fun blog today, Wendi! (BTW...thanks for including me, honey-pie!)

blessedheart said...

I like the name Cole for a cowboy. I loved Rita's interview and now I have a new author to check out. Yay!

Rhonda :0)

Regina Carlysle said...

YAY, Rhonda!!! I loooove hearing that, honey!!!

Hugs. Rita/Regina

lrwirum said...

Great excerpt. Sounds like a fantastic book. Congrats on the release.

Cherie J said...

Those books sound awesome! I love the name Nick for a cowboy. Cole is a great one as well.

Wendi said...

OMG, I just went out to buy big boxes of movie style candy to mail out to yesterday's winners, and I found RED HOTS! I was addicted to these things when I was 12.

Turns out, I STILL LOVE 'EM! They're stuck to my teeth, my tongue is red, and I'm on cinnamon overload! Wooo HOOO!

LOL! Sorry, just thought I'd share. :)

Wendi Darlin

Wendi said...

Blessedheart and CheriJ, Cole is the hero of my novella, Hired Hands that will be coming out soon! I really liked that one, too. :)

Wendi Darlin

Regina Carlysle said...

Ooooh. Hired Hands!!!! Thank one's YUMMMY.

Know what you mean about red hots!! I was hooked on those and those little square cinnamon suckers and atomic fireballs. Ran around with a red tongue all the time.

Caffey said...

I look so forward to coming to this blog! I missed it when my cord from my laptop burned out and had to wait a few days for a new one to come in mail!!! I'm having a blast here.

I had the joy of reading and its now on my keepers shelf, a historical of Rita's from Wings. Its one of my favorites! I'm so thrilled there's more and cowboys!

I so loved watching Michael Landon on Bonanza. He was named as Little Jo! Anyone remember this one? I watched it when it wasn't closed captioned and now it is and I love to watch it on the weekends on TV Land! So I'm going with Joe :)

Caffey said...

Just did the puzzle, that was a blast!

Janet H said...

Hi Wendi! Came by from the delurking party yesterday. Loved the cowboys. There's a few cowboys around here. Some of them are Heath, Lance, Rowdy (that's really his name), James, Wyatt, and Will.

Gotta say that I really like the name Rowdy.

Wendi said...

Caffey, I'm glad you made it back! And thank you for such a nice compliment. I'm sorry about the computer cord. Uggghhh.

Wendi Darlin

Regina Carlysle said...

Janet H? Did you say ROWDY...OMG...Rowdy Yates from Rawhide. Young Clint Eastwood. Yummm.I know I'm really dating myself by admitting that.

Hi Cathie Caffey!!! How are you darlin'???

Wendi said...

Oooh, Rita! I liked the fireballs too! My brother even introduced me to the cinnamon toothpicks. We'd suck on them like candy. Did you ever try those?

Wendi Darlin

Wendi said...

I just looked over all the cowboy names you all listed again, and I've decided I'm definitely using them - every one of them - as a thank you for keeping me company this week! Looks like I'll be writing a lot of cowboys! WOO HOOO!

THANK YOU! You all are the best!

Wendi Darlin

Oh, and the ones I've used so far:
Cowboy Games: Gavin, Garrett, and Clayton
Hired Hands: Cole and Jesse
Rough & Ready: Hollis
The Water Bearer (written as Wendi Christner) - Jared

Regina Carlysle said...

OH MY GOSH YES!!! I remember my daddy trying to quit smoking and he carried them around in his pocket. Unfortunately they didn't help with that BUT I still remember how strong-smelling those were.

Lisa said...

Hot eye candy AND hot excerpts, my oh my. I don't have an particular fave cowboy - what's in a name, anyway if we're all distracted by, um, other things? :)

Jeanette J said...

Oh, dear...all my favorite names are already up..so I'll just say it's been a great week and thank you Wendi

Anonymous said...



acdaisy95 said...

How about Kyle or Cameron?