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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Book of the Week!

I haven't been reading enough lately. And that just SUCKS!!! I love to read and always have. Reading is what made me want to write books to begin with, and all writers need to read. If for no other reason, we need to keep up with market trends - assuming we're writing pop fiction and not creating fine literary art, of course.

So I'm going to try something, and I'm hoping some of you will play along with me. I'm going to commit to reading a book a week, and giving you all a brief review when I'm done. Wednesdays will be review days, and I'll also announce the book I'll be reviewing the following week, so you can give it a read too, if you'd like. This week I'm getting off to a late start, but hey, I'm feeling a little spunky! So this coming Wednesday, I'll let you know what I think of Julie Leto's new release Phantom Pleasures.

And to make it even more fun, I'll give away another of Julie Leto's titles as a prize to someone who leaves a comment. Sound like fun?
Countdown to Yummy Sunday - 1 day!


Jami Davenport said...

Great idea, Wendi. It's hard when you're writing to keep up with your reading sometimes.

acdaisy95 said...

Yes, it does sound fun! Hope you have a great Sunday!

Wendi said...

Thanks Jami and acdaisy95 for stopping by! I'm so glad you like the idea. I looking forward to making a dent in my TBR stack and enjoying some great books. :)

Wendi Darlin