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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nice n' Naughty Belly Buttons

I blogged today over at Nice n' Naughty about belly buttons. Innies, outies, and even talkies. Come on over and join the conversation...and cut me some slack, my brain's still mush from a marathon writing day on Tuesday. But I did finish and turn in another manuscript. Yay!

And yesterday, I found out Siren will publish my erotic contemporary, Devil's Advocate. Double Yay!!!

Devil's Advocate is the first of a five book series. I'll tell you all about it later, and post the hot new cover as soon as I get it.

Oh and did I mention, I'M WRITING THE SEQUEL TO COWBOY GAMES!! Finally! I'm scheduled to turn it in at the end of this month. I'll give you the release details as soon as I have them.

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