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Saturday, March 8, 2008


After I published my last post, I decided to share a picture of Grandpa in his Yummy Sunday days. I think Grandma would've gotten a kick out of that. He was the love of her life, and she wanted everyone to know it.


Jami Davenport said...


What a handsome man your grandfather was. You were blessed to have him in your life as long as you did, and he'll always be alive inside you.

Thinking of you.

Love and hugs, Jami

Wendi said...

Thanks, Jami. My family was lucky, indeed. :)

Rita Thedford said...

Ahhh, honey!! He was a hottie, wasn't he??? Bet your grandma was over the moon for him. I'm so sorry for your loss. So handsome but just THINK...he passed those great genes to you, didn't he?